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Sharing the love, this February!

Our Creative Community volunteers have been looking at ways we can connect more with other creative and community groups in Sheffield and ignite some imaginations!

Each month they will develop a creative activity and we will share the instructions online for anyone to use. These will be simple, cost effective and accessible for all. If you or a group you are part of gets involved and makes something please do share any photos of your creations! If you need any materials to complete the activity let us know too and we can see if we can get some donations. We want to expand our Creative Community and encourage anyone to give it a go!

This February, Linda at Zest's Craft Group has shared how to make a Jigsaw Heart. We've shared the instructions below.

You can download this activity here:

Creative Community - Jigsaw Hearts
Download PDF • 1.79MB

Our volunteers will be donating their hearts this month to St Wilfred's and Sheffield Ukraine Displaced Persons Group. Each month we will aim to donate to an Ignite Imaginations' community partner from the past and a new partner we hope to connect with in the future.

If you do have a go, then we'd love to see your pictures! Share them to our social media pages with #SheffCreates or email us at

And to find out more about our Creative Community, visit here


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