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Terms and Conditions of Services


1.Ignite Imaginations is a limited company registered in England (5803846) and a registered charity  (1116631). Our registered office is Ignite Imaginations, c/o Sharrow Community Forum, Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield, S7 1DB

You and Ignite Imaginations agree that:

2. For the purposes of this agreement, the term “artist” refers to all tutors, performers and any makers, technicians or other personnel (singular or plural) associated with the conduct of project, class or workshop.

3. Ignite Imaginations will engage an artist to adhere to the agreement for the project to go ahead on the dates and times stated.

4. Your agreement is directly with Ignite Imaginations, you agree that you will not engage the artist for this or any subsequent bookings except through us. If you want to engage the artist you will do so through an official Ignite Imaginations representative. Where an artist offers you their direct contact details, business card or other promotional items with a view to securing engagements, you agree to refer them back to Ignite Imaginations.

5. You will ensure that the venue is suitable for agreed activities, complies with relevant health and safety legislation and is covered by an adequate public liability insurance policy.

6. You will provide oversight of the activities to ensure the health, well-being and safety of the artist and participants are protected. If the artist considers himself or herself or the participants to be in danger or at risk through anti-social behaviour, lone working risks, safeguarding issues or for any other reason, then they have the right to withhold their services until they are satisfied that it is safe to continue. If they have serious safeguarding concerns, artists have the right to raise the matter with you or contact the police if necessary.

7. You will ensure that the venue has adequate parking, toilets, refreshments, heating and lighting and an electricity supply if required by the artists.

8. If the workshop/s is/are cancelled or suspended because of, e.g. Covid restrictions, a day of national mourning, fire, flood, civil disorder, epidemic, strike, lockout, adverse weather or by order of any licensing or other public authority or for any other reason beyond your or Ignite Imaginations’ control then an alternative date of delivery will be agreed. If this is not possible then cancellation procedures will occur- see below.

9. If the artist is unable to attend the agreed activities, then Ignite Imaginations will use reasonable endeavours to secure a replacement artist. In the event that this is not reasonably practicable we will agree an alternative date for delivery; where this is not reasonable the decision may be taken to cancel the agreement and any monies paid to Ignite Imaginations will be returned to the partner in full. Where materials have been bought before delivery and the agreement is cancelled materials will be given to the partner to use in future projects and Ignite Imaginations will be reimbursed for the full cost.

10. Payment of the fee must be made within 28 days of the date of the invoice or of the end of the engagement, whichever is the later.

11. In the event of you cancelling an engagement, a cancellation invoice (as specified below) will be sent to you as soon as possible after you notify us of a cancelled engagement.


Termination of work if you have paid for our services (and rescheduling can not occur):

12. If you cancel the workshop then the following provisions apply:

If you cancel 14 days or more before the workshop, then you must pay a £25 administration fee,

If you cancel 13 days- 8 days before the workshop then you must pay 35% of the fee.

If you cancel 7 days or less before the workshop then you must pay 100% of the fee.


For all cancellations from partners (where paying for services or receiving free provision from Ignite):

13. We will where possible aim to reschedule work agreed with partners. If work is cancelled by the partner within 24 hours of delivery we will pay our artists in full for all work contracted. Unless extra budget is then agreed, delivery will be reduced to accommodate the agreed initial budget and timescales of delivery. 

14. For partners receiving free provision; If the partner cancels on a number of consecutive occasions, compromising the timescales and agreed delivery of the project, Ignite Imaginations will work with the partner to devise a better plan for successful delivery and/or reserves the right to withdraw from the partnership for the specific project. 



Any complaints relating to these terms and conditions should be referred to the Chief Executive Luisa Golob by emailing  

Please also see our Complaints Policy here 

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