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Sheffield Community Makers: Host Training
Free training for creative and community
organisations hosting creative volunteers


Are you a community organisation that has volunteers that support your creative work or projects in the local area, maybe a volunteer that assists at workshops or does your social media for you?

Are you a creative organisation that has volunteers support you in the office, out in the community or online?

If you are in some way supporting and hosting volunteers to be part of the creative sector in Sheffield then the FREE training offers below are for you.


These training sessions not only offer valuable networking opportunities but are also a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge. We want to create a sector that is the best it can be for its volunteers. To find out more about the wider Sheffield Community Makers programme click here


Managing Volunteers; How to be a good volunteer manager and supporting volunteers effectively

Tuesday 23 January 11am-1pm Site Gallery

The session will include

  • Why people volunteer/understanding motivations

  • Barriers to volunteering

  • Effectively supporting your volunteer – including reward and recognition and problem solving.

Volunteering and the Law
Tuesday 28 February 10am-1pm Site Gallery

The session will cover:

  • What is a volunteer and the difference between a volunteer and an employee

  • Designing roles that avoid falling into employment

  • Paying expenses

  • Health and safety

  • A brief introduction to DBS checks and the law

Successfully Supporting & Understanding All Volunteers

Tuesday 26 March 10am-1pm Site Gallery

The session will include:

  • Networking with other creative organisations about supporting volunteers

  • Supporting refugees and asylum seekers to volunteer

  • Supporting volunteers living with learning disabilities

Boundaries and Having Difficult Conversations

Wednesday 17 April 11am-1pm Site Gallery

The session will include:

  • What are boundaries and why they are important when working with volunteers,

  • How to maintain positive and professional relationships with volunteers,

  • Tackling difficult situations and conversations with your volunteers

All sessions include FREE optional networking lunch 12.30-1pm

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