Equity and Diversity Statement


We want Ignite Imaginations to be for all of Sheffield.


We want the voices of the communities we work in to be loud and clear in our decision making and planning, and for people from many different walks of life to be visible and reflected in our staff, artist pool and board of trustees. 


We are committed to investing in our people, creating safe spaces for everyone and finding creative ways to ensure that everyone feels welcome and can be included in what we do.


We work across many communities in Sheffield and recognise that our staff, board and artists do not reflect the full breadth of the people we engage with through our projects.


As a way to focus our efforts in developing accessible and meaningful ways for more voices to be heard in developing, managing and delivering within the organisation our Equity and Diversity sub group (made up of staff and board members) have developed the below tasks for us to work on (these will be reviewed annually);


2021-2022 actions and goals:


  • Leadership representation:

    1. We are recruiting this year for new board members and reaching out to partners and communities we have worked with.

    2. We have formed a paid advisory panel with our partners from SACMHA, Action Collective and SADACCA who will meet twice a year to support advising and holding us accountable to this plan.

    3. We have created our Creative Community scheme- inviting current and previous participants to support the development of the organisation and ideas for delivery in exchange for free creative, networking and learning opportunities.


  • Artist representation:

    1. We have created a Creative Associate arm to our artists pool to support our engagement with artists from dance and performance backgrounds

    2. We are launching our Assistant Artists Programme to engage, train and support with emerging talent from our community projects and those known to our partners, into paid positions within the organisation.

    3. We will be offering paid commissions to under represented artists later this year.


  • Reporting and tracking:


  1. We have started to include reporting on the other protected characteristics make up of our staff and board within in our annual report

  2. We will start to set goals of engagement with underrepresented groups within our decision making and delivery for each year.


  • Training and education:


  1.  All our artists, staff and board have received anti racism training and this will be offered to all new members to the organisation

  2. We will continue to build in relevant and required training into our offer- our next step will be around safe spaces and managing difficult conversations.

We know this is just the start and we are keen to learn, listen and be challenged as we continue to work hard to create representative and equitable opportunities within our organisation.