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Annual Report 2022/23

It's always lovely taking the time to reflect on the past year, we've had a great year! Throughout 2022-23, as we enter our 20th year of delivery, we have developed our vision and mission, solidified our programmes of delivery, and established core partnerships. So we're excited to share with you our annual report 2022/23

Here are some of our main achievements:

- Successfully delivered over 130 workshops and events.

- Employed 8 workshop assistants to support our artists during delivery, and 6 of those assistants were participants from our ‘We Are All Makers’ programme.

- Launched our Creative Community, which engages participants from our projects to support our strategic direction.

- Recruited 6 new board members

- We created new partnerships (and projects).

- We launched our Sheffield Community Makers programme, which develops creative volunteering opportunities across the city with 23 community and arts organizations as hosts.

You can read more in our Annual Report here:

Ignite Imaginations Annual Report 2023
Download PDF • 10.65MB


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