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Let's get creative, Sheffield.

Updated: May 21

We are excited to announce our monthly creative theme that aims to celebrate creativity and connections in Sheffield.

This is an open invitation to everyone who is interested in participating. Each month, we'll suggest a theme, and you can submit your artwork based on it. You can use any medium, including mixed media, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and origami. Whether you have made something at home, with friends, or in school, you are welcome to participate.

This monthly challenge is purely for fun, and it's a great way to explore your creativity, connect with others, and celebrate creativity in Sheffield.

Share your image on the blog post on our website, in the comments/replies on your preferred social media or with #creativesheffield or email your artwork to and we’ll share it in our monthly online gallery!

Here are the monthly themes:

February – Hearts

March – Flowers

April – Rain

May – Food

June – Friendship

July – Festival/Travel

August – Weather

September – Learning

October – Games

November – Night sky

December - Layers

We look forward to seeing your creations!


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