At Ignite Imaginations we value the creativity, imagination and participation that people bring to our projects, events, activities and exhibitions. Whether you’re one of our artists, someone who has enjoyed participating in one of our activities or you belong to one of our network partners, your input is valued and is part of the creative fibre of our organisation.


It’s important to us that we cherish and nurture our Ignite Imaginations Creative Community and harness the ongoing creativity, support and positive energy our Creative Associates (like you) continue to bring to all that we do. From helping us in the development of our projects to voluntarily sitting on the board, your generosity and dedication help us continue to create exciting, inspiring, and unique creative opportunities across Sheffield and surrounding areas.

For some people, the projects you were a part of may have come to an end, all we ask is that you continue to champion our work, support us and tell people what impact your experience has had on your life and the lives of those around you.


So, in offering our thanks for your continued support, we are launching our Creative Associates of Ignite Imaginations.

Our Creative Associates 

As a Creative Associate, you’ll receive our quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with our activities and to continue to celebrate our Creative Community. We’d love to hear your stories and to feature them in the newsletter. Tell us about your journey with Ignite and inspire others to get involved too.


Our Creative Associates will be celebrated on our website in a gallery of appreciation. By displaying your names and photographs we hope to continue to strengthen our connections across our community and to demonstrate our gratitude for your continued involvement with us. You’ll also get to know about our events in advance and we will welcome your ideas and suggestions for future projects.


As a registered charity, we rely on grant funding and income from organisations, libraries and partners. But we couldn’t do the work we love and continue to offer free creative opportunities to the community without the support of the people around us. In showing the strength of our Creative Community and the value we place in our Creative Associates we demonstrate our passion, commitment and integrity to decision-makers and funders.


Being a Creative Associate costs you nothing, but the impact you continue to have on all that we do is priceless.


"I have so much respect for Ignite Imaginations. They keep art alive and kicking in the communities in our city of Sheffield. I always feel they treat their amazing artists with respect, personally and financially. Feel so lucky to work with them from time to time." Kate

Interested in becoming a Creative Associate?