At Ignite Imaginations we value the creativity, imagination and participation that people bring to our projects, events, activities and exhibitions. Whether you’re one of our artists, someone who has enjoyed participating in one of our activities or you belong to one of our network partners, your input is valued and is part of the creative fibre of our organisation.


Here at Ignite Imaginations we work with and for the community.


After nearly 20 years working in the city, we have strong partnerships with local community, health and arts organisations.

We work in partnership because our partners know their community and participants the best; we work across the city, running multiple projects and events at any time and so don’t often get to know a community in the way we would like.

What we strive for within the organisation therefore is the direct voice of the people that attend, engage and enjoy our creative projects and workshops.

And so we have created the Creative Community.

Our Creative Community 

The commitment:


  • Annual planning day; a day of planning ahead and developing new ideas with staff, artists and board members.

  • Two subgroup meetings per year that will focus on a specific project idea.

  • Being an advocate; champion us and our work when you can through friends, colleagues, family and online.

  • Be a critical friend; be honest with us, guide us and be vocal in our meetings to help us make real changes.

  • Offer us ideas; be open, creative and put your thoughts on the table- who knows where it will take us!


The above is flexible and we appreciate everyone has their own commitments; the important thing for us here is we build a community of willing, representative voices from Sheffield that we can get to know in whatever way suits.

In return:

  • Three seasonal creative workshops offered at Sharrow. Community Forum lead by one of our professional artists.

  • Two creative packs per year sent to your home with self-guided instructions and all the materials you need.

  • Microgrant opportunities.

  • Be part of our growing community and connect with new people.

  • Networking opportunities through the away days, sub-groups, creative workshops and annual social.

  • Training and career development opportunities offered throughout the year.

  • Opportunity to promote any projects you are involved in our quarterly newsletter.

  • Invitation and signposting to social events and other relevant opportunities across the city.



Here at Ignite Imaginations we want to:

  • Give people opportunities to develop their creativity and imaginative skills.

  • Help people and communities use the power of arts, creativity and imagination to address the health, educational social and other community needs that matter to them.

  • Bring inspirational artistic and cultural opportunities to people and places that would otherwise miss out.

  • Encourage and support Sheffield creative talent in all its diversity and helping find opportunities for new makers and creatives in our communities.


We hope to build a community that can help us achieve the above and ensure our delivery is always moving forward with community needs and vision at the heart of it.

Download this information and a simple self-nomination form - click here


"I have so much respect for Ignite Imaginations. They keep art alive and kicking in the communities in our city of Sheffield. I always feel they treat their amazing artists with respect, personally and financially. Feel so lucky to work with them from time to time." Kate

Interested in becoming a Creative Associate?