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In addition to working with talented, professional and dedicated freelance artists who specialise in visual arts and creative writing, we're also proud to have friends in the wider creative community and these artists work for us when there are other artforms required for a project.

Hayley Graham.jpg


My favourite project:

"My favourite project so far has been Adopt A Carehome. It was magical to bring two very different groups of people together through creative movement and watch how their relationship grew each week. We all really valued each other's company and had a great time dancing together!

Charu Asthana_edited.jpg


Performing Arts

Dance & Drama

  - Indian Classical & Folk

Story telling

My favourite project:

"Benny & the grey cats- migration matters project. It was nostalgic to work on this project, with both young and adults, from varied backgrounds, sharing their migration stories. We played games, laughed, cried, danced sang, drew, acted…in many artistic ways expressed our journey to each other. Post-Covid this union made the participants, as well as the team, feel unified - human emotions are universal.

Our session even though dynamic had a focus. We forayed into both visual arts and performing arts, we an idea to bring out something as a group to present it to a larger audience. As the artist-in-charge, though I had a plan in mind, I had to be very flexible and dynamic to change it on the fly or add new ideas depending on how the group is interacting or reacting to the session activities. "




Creative Writing

Mixed Media

My favourite project: 

"I worked on a commission for Migration Matters Festival collaborating with poet Sile Sibanda and Ignite visual artist Laura Page to create a poem-film. The piece used the image of ‘through my window’ to connect the experiences of people in different communities during lockdown."


Dance Artist



Creative Movement

My favourite project:

Mozart and Me - collaborating with 12 community groups across South Yorkshire to creatively respond to Mozart's music through the medium of movement and visual art. It's been such a privilege to rediscover or introduce Mozart to the most incredible people across the community.


Photography credit: James Mulkeen. 

Chris Singleton_edited.jpg



Spoken word

My favourite project: 

"I ran a "Story Rollercoasters" session - getting children to design their own rollercoasters and use the shape to tell an exciting story! It was great to see them engaged, having fun and sharing the stories with members of their families around them. All the creativity!"

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