We are currently updating our volunteer roles to fit with our new updated ways of working.  Please bear with us. We will advertise here and via our social media channels once we are ready to recruit new volunteers.  Until then you can express an interest in volunteering by emailing  and we will contact you when we begin recruiting.  


At Ignite Imaginations we run events and workshops all over Sheffield and the surrounding areas, using high-quality visual arts, creative writing and poetry to help individuals increase their confidence, skills and sense of community. We often use creativity as a vehicle to explore a social question or theme. We strive to provide unusual, inspiring and innovative experiences for communities of all ages and backgrounds; aiming specifically at those that would not normally have the opportunity.

We are looking for 2-3 new Trustees to help govern our growing arts charity and set the strategic direction for our work. We need people with a passion for the arts who are enthusiastic and can bring skills, expertise and knowledge from different professional fields.

You will be involved in a wide range of activities including involvement in business planning, approving policy, complying with legal regulations, monitoring finances, line managing the CEO and supporting other staff via appraisals. You will be joining a well-established board, currently comprising five trustees, and supporting a staff team of five employees.




I relocated to Sheffield from Scotland just 2 years ago and was looking for an Arts organisation to volunteer with. After looking at the Ignite Imaginations website, their Community / Events work really appealed to me so I decided to get in touch.

It has been a great experience from the start, and although I already have many years experience in the Arts, I have still learnt something new such as office/admin skills.

The Ignite Imaginations team are amazing. So supportive and helpful, and have made me feel at home in a new city. It has definitely given me more confidence when approaching people in the local area in regards to my own art and design work, and has opened up more doors.

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I first became involved in Ignite Imaginations after my children started school. I hoped to return to work but felt that my skills and confidence needed reviving. I thought Ignite Imaginations would be an ideal organisation to open out new opportunities for me to focus on a career change.

The charity is a welcoming and inclusive organisation, with lots of opportunities to develop your talents. As the organisation covers a varied array of events across Sheffield, this has allowed me to experience a diverse range of workshops and events.

I feel so much more confident after volunteering at the charity as I have discovered I am capable of achieving goals outside of my home environment. I have also improved my IT skills, increased my administrative  experience and developed relationships with artists and the team at Ignite Imaginations.

I am currently applying for administrative roles in the arts and higher education sectors and hope to find a suitable position.


I emailed Ignite Imaginations when they advertised a film making internship, after seeing it advertised on Twitter. I met with Luisa and we had a talk about what it would entail and the equipment and support that she could provide. As it’s a voluntary position, they have been great at making sure that the internship isn’t interfering with any other commitments I have!


My volunteering with Ignite Imaginations has only been making this film, however, after hearing about everyone’s positive experiences with the organisation I am excited to stay involved once my project is complete! I’ve been given training into how to use new equipment, and Luisa has helped me recruit artists and volunteers for the interviews. It’s been great to have the freedom to try new things and learn more about film making, and working with lots of different people that are involved in the organisation!


The team at Ignite Imaginations was very helpful and supportive, giving me the right amount of guidance and making sure that I found out about any opportunities that came up which were related to my interests. Throughout my internship, I had been given a varied workload and no two days were the same. One day I could be in the office drafting contracts for our artists, making booking forms and contacting participants, another day I could be writing press releases and using Twitter and Facebook to promote our events and liaise with our followers. There was even an opportunity to use some of the experience gained as part of my Psychology degree as I had to construct an online questionnaire that was supposed to measure the impact of our art classes on the target communities.

Having this broad perspective of how work is conducted at Ignite Imaginations, I was pleasantly impressed by their commitment to quality and their professional integrity. Finally, I cannot stress enough what a wonderful experience this has been for me. Ignite Imaginations is a small organisation with a big heart and they have won my lasting admiration.