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We want to support talent in our organisation and so we have created our Workshop Assistant Progression Programme.  Working with past participants of our creative projects we are providing a programme that develops artistic and facilitation skills; as well as paid opportunities to assist our lead artists at workshops we provide training, one to one reviews, artists' feedback and step by step support to progress to the next stage as an Assistant Artist . 


I’m a former participant of ‘We Are All Makers’ course which helped me find a footing in Sheffield and the local art community. As a workshop assistant at the Ignite I worked with both adults and children and it has been an incredible experience so far. The project commissioned by the Efficiency North has been very important for me, I love working with others in ways that helps spark creativity and joy.

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Hi my name is Charlotte, I’m enjoying my time being an artist assistant for Ignite Imaginations. 


I’m passionate about the arts and wellbeing. I believe all arts have a positive, uplifting and therapeutic effect on us and is proven to be a great skill and tool to use for our wellbeing.


I started working with Ignite through an internship scheme with Sheffield Hallam - I enjoyed it so much 5+ years later I haven’t looked back. As well as being a workshop assistant I also work alongside our office team with admin and marketing.


A stand out project has to be when I worked the Illuminate The Gardens event at Botanical Gardens helping to light up the Bear Pit with art. I also always really enjoy being part of our annual Autumn Carnival event.


Working for Ignite Imaginations I’ve been to so many new places and have met so many wonderful people I never would’ve done otherwise. It really has been such a huge boost for my confidence and mental health too!

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My favourite project with Ignite has been Adopt a Care Home, where children from a local primary went into a care home to do a craft project together. It was really lovely to see them all connect and enjoy themselves. I’ve also really enjoyed working for Ignite because it is so creative and rewarding for example in The Everyday Stories project in summer 2022 which we put on craft projects in Sheffield libraries. 


Hello!! I'm Aisha Jones, my experience with Ignite, has so far, stimulated my passion of crafting from my little craft room in my flat to hosting an “Eid” Muslim  Celebration Craft Party at the park, an exhibition at zest and an ongoing weekly craft group at Edward Street workshop, which aims to empower and encourage women in my community to came forward and showcase their craft skills.

I would like to thank Courtney

for introducing and recommending me to Ignite. I hope and wish in the future, I can turn my hobby into a freelance craft paid professional.

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