We do a lot here at Ignite, working with all ages and backgrounds, working in communities and  getting creative at every opportunity. Here are some highlights. Get a cuppa and enjoy!

Arts and Culture Ambassadors

Arts and Culture ambassador programme has been a year long programme for 13-14 years olds in Sheffield and Doncaster. This involved participants visiting different arts organisations and learning what career opportunities are out there for them within the sector.

Parson Cross Hopes & Dreams

Ignite Imaginations’ artists worked with 10 community groups to bring creative opportunities to groups who do not always get the chance to be creative. And to open up conversations about Hopes and Dreams and how people feel about their local community of Parson Cross.

Imagination and Wellbeing Conference

A Highlights video from our conference exploring imagination and wellbeing in September 2018. Over 200 people gathered to take part in discussions and activities and here six speakers talk about their experience of the topic.  

Upperthorpe - A Treasure Trail

Zest, a local health and wellbeing centre based in Upperthorpe undertook some community asset mapping in the area over a 2 month period. They ran four short asset based community development workshops in the community .

Canvas of Voices

This documentary film was produced as part of the 'Our Corner' project, with The Crick Centre at The University of Sheffield. The project aimed to look into the effect participation in the arts can have on political engagement and understanding.

Everyday Stories

The Everyday Stories project is a Children in Need funded project facilitated in libraries across Sheffield. It has encouraged people to learn more about their community, build confidence, meet new people.


Overview of Ignite Imagination's Reconnect project, in which artists collaborated with academics and researchers from the University of Sheffield to produce art pieces exploring the human body. 

Our Darnall

In 2019 Ignite Imaginations worked in partnership with Sheffield City Council and Migration Matters Festival to deliver 60 Hours of creative workshops in the community of Darnall focusing on migration, community and well-being.

Everyday Stories 2019

A Short video documenting the Everyday Stories project which Ignite Imaginations have delivered for the last four years with funding from Children in Need. The overall project aims to take art and craft activities to different areas of the city for families who don't normally get the opportunity to engage in creative activities.

Start Up Project

A Spotlight on five of the start up projects we have supported.  We have supported over 50 people aged 50+ to start something new in their local area. The project aims to combat loneliness and isolation in older adults. 

Autumn Carnival

Abbeydale Stakeholders which includes local Councillors , police and voluntary organisations were very excited to present the Autumn Carnival for the second year. A fun evening filled with lanterns and possitive community spirit

Back Then

A film reporting on our Back Then Project, looking at engineering in Sheffield's past and present with five community groups and twenty volunteer engineers

What is Old?

‘What is Old?’ was a project designed to engage older and younger generations with questions of age and ageing. They created artworks based on their exploration from a series of creative workshops


A project working in partnership with University of Sheffield exploring the creative use of space. Alongside local young people, newly arrived to the UK, our artists supported the creation of three microhabitats base on Furnace Park, Sheffield