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We cannot do our work without our partners; their expertise, hard work and connections to their communities allows us to develop meaningful projects together and work with those that will benefit most from our creative delivery.
Their enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to those around them make us who we are. 
Interested in working with us? Please e-mail 

Work with us:

If you would like to work with us please email our CEO, Luisa Golob

We love creating projects in partnership; once we have dreamed up our project together we need to get the resources in which we can do in a number of ways:

  1. We will quote for work if your organisation have an existing budget,

  2. We will seek and apply for funding together,

  3. We can fundraise ourselves and include you as a partner.

We are really open to new ideas and ways to reach into communities so please do get in touch


Our Qualities Markers:

All of the projects, events and workshops we deliver will be:

  • Inclusive,

  • Create connections,

  • Professional,

  • Unique Learning Experience

  • Inspiring

We are an agile organisation; we listen, learn and adapt. We act with kindness and compassion striving to learn and develop at all stages. From artists training to strategic influence at all levels in the organisation we are always building and improving.

We have a staff team that coordinate all our projects, recruit and support our artists and ensure we are delivering meaningful, quality, safe and accessible projects by working closely with our partners and participants.

The way we work:

We believe in taking people on a journey to unlock their imaginations through working with professional artists, using quality materials and experiencing innovative creative activities.

We believe the in value of process and the outcomes; we celebrate and showcase what is created in our workshops, but we also work through each creative stage together in collaboration with participant, artist and partner. 

We only work in partnership. We collaborate with community leaders and their groups to bring imagination to their doorsteps. In local spaces, in neighbourhoods, in the most deprived parts of the city. From care home residents to families on low incomes our workshops and projects reach those where a space to explore, grow and connect are most needed.

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