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Saying goodbye and thank you to trustee, Sue!

The time has come to say goodbye to Ignite Imaginations trustee Sue Ransom. Over the past three years, Sue has been a source of encouragement, guidance and unfailing support during an unprecedented time. Here's what Sue had to say about her time volunteering with us:

"became a Trustee in Spring 2019, keen to support and learn more about this ambitious organisation developing creative opportunities in Sheffield.

The range and diversity of the projects was and continues to be engaging and exciting, way beyond expectations.

The Covid pandemic presented a huge challenge, with the potential to limit activities significantly. However the Ignite team were undaunted, their exceptional creativity was matched by extraordinary resilience as new opportunities delivered in new ways were developed.

The website and Annual Report give a glimpse of the many projects and approaches Ignite Imaginations developed.

I have enjoyed immensely working with Luisa, the staff team and other Trustees, proud to be alongside this phase of their development.

Their combination of expertise and enthusiasm will ensure continued success.

I leave with lots of learning and many happy memories.

(Only with Ignite would I find myself gumboot dancing in Fitzalan Square with the amazing Sinini Ngwenya! never too old to learn and have fun)"

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Sue, along with our best wishes for the future.


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