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Get involved - Summer of Volunteering!

This summer, we invite you to get involved with the Summer of Volunteering, part of our Sheffield Community Makers initiative.

Sheffield Community Makers is a project brought to you by Ignite Imaginations and Voluntary Action Sheffield. We are working together with other creative and community partners to jointly develop creative volunteer opportunities in Sheffield.

We believe volunteering can be the beginning of many things; whether you seek to make new friends, develop your skills, gain different experiences or purely have time you want to give to make a difference.

As a volunteer, we can offer you:

  • One place for you to search for and apply for creative volunteer opportunities in Sheffield.

  • Provide free training so you are ready to volunteer.

  • Provide networking opportunities so you can meet other creative volunteers and organisations in the city.

  • Provide free creative skills sessions with our professional artists.

  • Provide buddy and mentoring support to take you through the process if this is your first time volunteering.

  • Create exciting and accessible creative volunteer opportunities for you.

Browse our summer roles here:

Or download the Summer of Volunteering booklet here:

scm booklet
Download PDF • 5.48MB

This project is funded by “Volunteering Futures”, funding from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, delivered by Arts Council England.

For any enquries please contact Tamara Grundman on or 07727 638 973


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