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Create your own Autumn Lantern

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We're counting down the days to this years' Autumn Carnival, on Friday 4th November from 4pm in Sharrow.

We'd love as many people to take part as possible and so we're sharing two of our creativity packs that explain how to make your very own lantern.

The first, the Acorn Lantern, created by our artist Charlie uses a lampshade as a base, and some materials may need purchasing if you don't have them already. The second, is a beautiful Autumn Lantern, by our artist Sara is created by upcycling a jar.

Acorn Lantern, by Charlie
Download • 1.15MB

Upcycled Glass Jar Lantern, by Sara
Download • 4.25MB

And of course, these are just for inspiration, if you have an idea igniting your imagination then why not give it a go!

We'd love to see your creations, you can share them with us on social media or get in touch by emailing, and of course, we'd love to see you and your lantern at the Autumn Carnival!

Find out more about this celebration event here


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