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We are thrilled to be working with Better with data on a brand new venture ‘Culture Everywhere’

The project has won the Heritage and Culture award in the Open Data Challenge series, a national competition run by Nesta and the Open Data Institute that drives the use of public data to create innovative business.

While grassroots arts and heritage organizations can often reach out to people and communities more easily than mainstream institutions, they typically don’t have the same resources available to invest in researching and writing successful bids to fund their

Culture Everywhere makes it easier for those organizations to research for, develop and demonstrate the impact of their activities so they can spend more of their time delivering better social outcomes.

The online tool makes it easy to see not only who, where and what has received arts funding in the past but also where there may be gaps in cultural provision. It does this by making it easier to access and explore data from various public sources, including the National Census, Lottery Grants and Arts Council England.

Grassroots arts organizations and fundraisers can use Culture Everywhere to make sure they are developing the right projects to serve the needs of their communities. The data-driven evidence they find through the platform is used to support funding applications that are more compelling to grants givers, corporate sponsors and individual donors.

As well as registering interest to use the platform and shape its development at, organizations can follow@deliverculture on Twitter to keep track of the project. Or you can watch the video below to find out more about the website.

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