The diverse mix of skills, experience and knowledge is often overlooked in our older populations (from 50+). We want to showcase and celebrate this wealth in our city; discovering unheard stories, showing off forgotten skills and developing new connections. 

We are Makers:

We make our community; our diverse mix of experiences, skills, knowledge and culture. This includes people over 50 years and we want to showcase and celebrate this; discovering unheard stories, showing off forgotten skills and developing new connections. 

We aim for local people over 50 to be celebrated, inspired and more connected to their neighbours, community and local services.

Working in Burngreave and Firth Park we want to find out what activities, organisations and opportunities there are already existing for people over 50 and where the gaps are. We want to work along side local people to celebrate what already goes on and to help fill any gaps; by putting on events, clubs, workshops; anything that supports bringing people together.

If you are over 50 and live in Burngreave or Firth Park we want to hear from you.

Could you help us:

- Build up an informed picture of what is on offer and what people over 50 in the area are doing?

- Share your skills with other people over 50? Anything from gardening to dancing.

- Work with us to put on activities, clubs, events that are missing in the area that can bring people together.

 -Ultimately we want to bring people together, celebrate the diversity of the community, showcase what is already happening and help signpost these activities or groups to more people over 50.


Get in touch with helen@igniteimaginations.org.uk (Burngreave) or charlie@igniteimaginations.org.uk (Firth Park) 



This project is funded by Age Better in Sheffield, managed by South Yorkshire Housing Association

Company reg. 5803846

Charity no. 1116631


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