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In partnership with Heely City Farm we will provide free art workshops and art walks to explore the heritage that has shaped Tinsley since pre-history, those of transport, travel and change; the project will engage residents and the wider community in a broader understanding of Tinsley’s heritage of transition and resilience.


Tinsley’s story is one of resilience and adaptability to change, not only physical and economic change, but also changing populations.  People from different places have been coming to Tinsley, building and changing its identity, since prehistory, both making routes in and out and establishing roots within the community itself.


The project is based around 9 key heritage milestones in Tinsley's past, all located within the project area. They are all of great local significance, each having a much wider impact on the development of the community. Each milestone covers a time of change in Tinsley and they all link to travel. Together they tell the story of Tinsley's changing identity. The project milestones cover different types of heritage including, archaeological objects, historic landscape, archives, historical sites, natural heritage and memories from the bronze age to modern times.



The whole project with culminate with an exhibition in December 2018

A Video from the project in 2016... 

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