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SPARKS at Christmas

In 2020 (during lockdown) Ignite Imaginations, working with Age Better in Sheffield to put on a Christmas Meal Experience with a difference. We reached over 300 people across Sheffield who were aged over 50 and at risk of feeling lonely this Christmas.

We worked with over 50’s across the city to co-design, co-produce and co-deliver a relevant and meaningful Christmas Meal experience event that connected people over 50 to their community and the city.


We provided:

  • Music outside peoples homes

  • Friendly phone call on Christmas day from a volunteer

  • Hot Christmas dinners to people in their homes,

  • Beautiful gift bag full of creative activities, receipe book and gifts. 

  • Handmade Christmas cards

  • Online programme of activity throughout the day

The numbers!

  • Total number of people reached (participants): 341

  • Number that had a meal: 177

  • Number that received a gift bag: 314

  • Number of volunteers in total: 134

  • Number of volunteer hours in total: 280

“Please keep up your good work. I am 90 and have been a widow for 10 years, I live alone and have no family nearby. A big thank you to all your helpers during this trying time of our lives” Gift Bag recipient.

“It enabled me to feel connected, instead of isolated” Gift Bag recipient

“I want to congratulate you for running and organizing this project so well. The person I telephoned was incredibly grateful; she clearly felt noticed and cared for by the charity (and was very much looking forward to her Christmas Dinner!). For my part, I found the training and support spot on, and it was a privilege to be involved. It would so good to this sort of project run elsewhere too.” Telephone Volunteer.


"Many thanks for involving me in your project. I spoke to all the people allocated to me and I really enjoyed the conversation. Though it took quite a few attempts to contact each one of them, the wait was quite worthwhile. I felt these contacts really needed someone to talk to and all of them opened up their hearts and so it took more than thirty minutes for each call.” Telephone Volunteer



This project is supported by partnerships developed with the Age Better in Sheffield core team, other ABiS Delivery Partners and community partners and venues.

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