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Funding received to look into whether imagination makes us happier

Sheffield arts organisation Ignite Imaginations and the University of Sheffield’s Department

of Psychology are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a research grant

from Arts Council England.

This is the only award from ACE Research Grants programme 2015-18 Round 2 to be

awarded to a Yorkshire based project, with Yorkshire Dance in Leeds being the only other

successful applicant from the region in Round 1.

The two year project will look into how people’s everyday encounters with imagination

affect their psychological well-being.

Chief Executive of Ignite Imaginations Luisa Golob explains, “People encounter imagination

in many art forms, such as fiction, visual art or drama. But the psychological benefits of

such encounters are virtually uncharted.”

This research will measure the variation in people’s cultural experience and the effects that

has on their happiness.

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