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Dates TBC

Zest, a local health and wellbeing centre based in Upperthorpe are undertaking some community asset mapping in the area over the next 2 months. 

They will run four short asset based community development workshops in the community which will help identify the strengths, key people, places and skills available locally to help improve health outcomes for the community. 


This approach will give the participants an opportunity to explore their own personal ‘gifts’, connections and motivations to act collectively to address the known health issues in the community. It will enable them to learn more about the community assets in the area which can be built on and have the potential to support and transform into community businesses.


One of our artists is working with the staff at Zest to find a creative and artistic way of presenting these findings and developing a tangible asset map which can be presented back to the community, displayed within the Zest centre and presented back to our funder.   


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