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What do you love about being creative?

For our love theme this month, we asked our artists to tell us what they love about being creative. Here are a few of the responses:

"I'd say I love how being creative allows us to keep questioning, transforming and sharing." Laura

Here's what Alastair had to say ^

“For me, being creative means always thinking of ways to express something- creatively- whether in day-to-day life or through my work. I love problem-solving ways to explain things through craft & creativity. Working with young people I find I have to do this a lot.

I love seeing the joy on people's faces when a project is finished & they feel they have achieved something! I like to think I played a part in that” Sian

"I love that by being creative means I get to do it as my job and share the joy of creativeness with others. I love seeing/hearing the moment participants young and old realise how unlimited creativity is!" Bea

"I love being creative because it's an expression from the heart of being human. I love that creativity can bring people together in a space for everyone to fulfill their individuality." Rosie

"I love the journey being creative can take us on where things arent simply right or wrong; finding other ways to say things." Annie

Here's what Ali had to say ^

What are your thoughts? What do you love about being creative?


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