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Thank you and farewell to trustee Oliver Mantell

The time has come to say goodbye to our long-standing Ignite Imaginations trustee Oliver Mantell. Oliver has been with us as a Board Member for ten years.

Here's what Oliver had to say,

“I’ve loved being on the board of (and more recently chairing) Ignite Imaginations over the past ten years. It’s been quite a journey since joining Art in the Park, as it was, all that time ago. Witnessing so many moments of joy and connections sparked by the artists’ work; seeing Ignite Imaginations itself go from strength to strength; working with so many passionate, talented and creative people.

It’s time for new and different voices round the table and I’m confident I’m leaving it in good hands. Lu, the staff and the board have an inspiring and open-hearted vision to support creativity in and around Sheffield. I look forward to seeing it continue to flourish and evolve - and to imagine, with each new activity, exhibition and workshop, fresh fireworks of inspiration bursting above these valleys and hills…


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Oliver for his dedication, hard work and loyalty to the organisation. And send our best wishes for the future.


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