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Sheffield Healthy Holidays Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! You’ve found the next stop on the Sheffield Healthy Holidays Egg Hunt.

Watch the video to find the Egg and discover which letter is inside.

Don’t forget to write it down – you’ll need to find (and rearrange) all the letters to discover the Easter Bunny’s favourite food and enter our competition!

Use the Egg Finder Guide to discover the next location. You can download a guide and find out everything you need to know at

When you think you know the answer, email it to us at

There are lots of prizes to give away, so keep hunting!

Download your Easter Egg Hunt Guide here:

SHH Easter Egg Hunt DOWNLOAD v5b
Download PDF • 1.13MB

As bunny said, we are the home of arts and creativity in Sheffield, if you're looking for fun and creative activities to do with things you can find around your home check out our FREE artist-led activities here - AT HOME ACTIVITIES! And if you do make anything this holiday we'd love it if you could share your creations with us either on our social media pages or by emailing


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