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Imagination and Wellbeing Research Results

Here you can find a summary of the results found in all three studies carried out by ourselves and the University of Sheffield over the last two years. The research culminated in a day long conference where over 200 people listened to six speakers and took part in workshops exploring the topics of Imagination and Wellbeing.

This video shows the highlights of the This video is a summary of the main points

conference and a summary of topics discovered during the three studies.

discussed. You can find videos of the You can see more detailed results on the

full talks via the links below. infographics at the bottom of this page.

Key Note Speech: "Second Lives for the Third Age" Professor David James and Dr Ben Heller

Talk 1: "The art of engaging in a culturally driven wellbeing project" Helen Featherstone

Talk 2: "Birth Shock: Using the Arts to interrogate the Birth Experience" Professor Susan Hogan

Talk 3: "Past Time" Professor Hilary Marland and Saul Hewish

Talk 4: "The Reader - How shared reading is making the world a better place" Dr Jane Davis.

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