Ignite Imaginations is working with Voluntary Action Sheffield and other creative and community partners to jointly develop creative volunteer opportunities in Sheffield

We believe volunteering can be the beginning of many things; whether you seek to make new friends, develop your skills, gain different experiences or purely have time you want to give to make a difference.


Creative and community organisations are often small, part time teams and although want to support volunteering often don’t have the time or staff to do so.


As one of these organisations we saw this gap. So through this project we aim to;


Support creative people interested in volunteering to develop their creative skills and get ready to become volunteers via training, networking and skills development.


Support creative and community organisations to come together as a network to expand the voluntary opportunities for creative people across the city.


We aim to also work with creative people who are interested in volunteering but have so far been unable to access opportunities, whether due to a lack of opportunity available locally, a lack of flexibility in opportunities, or other barriers.


We will be working on the project for the next two years and hope we can create something that lasts well beyond that!

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Sheffield Community Makers

We will:

For interested volunteers:

  • Create one place for you to search for and apply for creative volunteer opportunities in Sheffield.

  • Provide free training so you are ready to volunteer.

  • Provide networking opportunities so you can meet other creative volunteers and organisations in the city.

  • Provide free creative skills sessions with our professional artists.

  • Provide buddy and mentoring support to take you through the process if this is your first time volunteering.

  • Create exciting and accessible creative volunteer opportunities for you. 


For host organisations:

  • Create a joint peer network approach.

  • Create a shared approach to advertising roles, interview process and advertising opportunities in one place with support via VAS.

  • Provide free training to support your staff to host volunteers in a safe, accessible and meaningful way.

  • Provide expenses for volunteers to reduce any barriers to engagement covering example; travel and refreshments.

  • Create a network of hosts to look at a joint approach to support one another, provide great flexible, accessible volunteering opportunities and engage with volunteers who are less represented in the sector.


How do I get involved?:

Steering Group members wanted:

We are looking for organisations to be part of our steering group. We want to be accountable and ensure this programme is representing what the city needs to develop its creative volunteering offer. Therefore we are looking for up to 10 organisations who can support and direct the strategic development of the programme;

  • We need partners from the community and cultural sectors that engage with or deliver creative projects or activities in local communities.

  • Whether you have volunteers already or at the very start of your journey we are interested in hearing from you.

  • We will meet up to 4 times a year for 2 hours (at an agreeable day/time); a combination of on and off line meetings.

  • Your time can be paid for at £25/hr for 2 hour meetings.

To find out more details and understand the application process follow the link here. 

Deadline for applications of interest Friday 8th July.

Share your knowledge and complete our survey:

We are at the very beginning of this journey and we want to have as many voices as possible being heard from the start. So we have created a survey to understand organisations' needs when it comes to volunteering and training. Your answers will make a difference!

Please complete this whether you already have volunteers or would like them but don't currently host.  

Anyone completing the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win vouchers to the value of £15 for any online site or shop of your choice.  

Please complete the survey by Friday 22nd July.

Compete the survey HERE 

Interested Volunteer:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact; Luisa Golob on We are at the start of the project but want to hear from you as there will be opportunities to get involved at this stage.  

Interested Host organisation:

Please see more details here about the programme in this summary; Sheffield Community Makers.

Complete our survey and/or email Luisa Golob on directly. We will be establishing the programme over the Summer and aiming to get the first meetings/training in place for September

This project is funded by “Volunteering Futures”, funding from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, delivered by Arts Council England.

The project nationally has invested nearly £4,700,000 to support high quality volunteering opportunities for people who experience barriers to participation. We are one of a cohort of 19 projects working to create more and better volunteering opportunities.


"I have so much respect for Ignite Imaginations. They keep art alive and kicking in the communities in our city of Sheffield. I always feel they treat their amazing artists with respect, personally and financially. Feel so lucky to work with them from time to time." Kate, Ignite Imaginations Artist