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Sharing our Lives
An intergenerational project.

Sharing our Lives

Ignite Imaginations are delighted to be delivering 'Sharing our lives' -  bringing older people and children together through a series of fun activities. Residents living at Roscoe Court Sheltered Housing scheme, and Year 5 children from Shooters Grove school will meet regularly over nine months, where they will develop new friendships, swap skills and learn from one another. All of those participating will have the chance to try out new activities - from arts and crafts, movement and dance, gardening, animal care and even a sports day! We hope that the project will help break down barriers between older and younger participants whilst providing them with enjoyable, exciting and memorable experiences.

Each month the children and older people will meet and engage in an activity together. 

January: Arts and Crafts
February: Movement and Dance
March: Gardening
April: Farming come to you
May: Singing
June: Arts and Crafts
July: Sports day and celebration.


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