Tuesday 1st August
11AM - 4PM
The Moor



The Moor will mark Yorkshire Day on Tuesday 1st August with a packed itinerary of fabulous things to see and take part in between 11am and 4.00pm. Showcasing the best of Yorkshire from traditional sports games, to dance performances demonstrating the multi cultural side of Yorkshire life.

There will also be great music from acoustic melodies to folk music and art workshops to celebrate Sheffield and Yorkshire

This is a FREE event.


Join in with our free crafts activities with 4 artists from Ignite Imaginations

  • Create a unique design to make your very own Yorkshire Flag


  • Decorate planters for white roses with your favourite Yorkshire sayings!

  • Inspired by the Yorkshire landscape create your very own textile collages!

  • Transform maps of Yorkshire into map art to take home!


Enjoy free talks, cooking demonstrations and tastings in our demo tent.

11.30pm- Jonny from Sheffield company 'The Tower of Bagel' -demonstrates how to make the perfect bagel with an interactive demonstration. 


12.15pm- Nutritonalist Hannah Bailey showcases a great Yorkshire recipe.


1.00pm- Nick and Nicky from 'Porter Brook Deli' showcase some of their favourite Yorkshire Cheeses from small independent dairies.


1.45pm- Blend.


2.30pm- Join historian Ron Clayton for a walking tour of The Moor and find out more about the areas history.


3.15pm- Nutritonalist Hannah Bailey showcases a great Yorkshire recipe


SHEFFIELD MAKERS- bring their Winter Garden's emporium of makers, artists and designers to the Moor. Giving us the chance to see some of the finest independent art, design and crafts the city has to offer.

THE FAMOUS SHEFFIELD SHOP- are renowned for showcasing some of the finest pewter, silver and steelware made in Sheffield. It is our pleasure to welcome to the Moor for Yorkshire Day.



LIVVYS ICECREAM- this vintage van producing homemade cordial slushies from natural ingredients and Sheffield Gelato.


Treebeard - Folk music

Stepping Out - Youth Dance (Tap, Modern, Ballet)

Jilo Romano - Romani Dance

Indian Odissi Dance

Radicato Dance Company - Inclusive youth dance company

If you are interested in performing please give us  a call on 0114 268 681