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Celebrating Sheffield’s cultures and communities through dance, crafts and food.

Taste Moor will be a vibrant and fun day filled with free activities, workshops and demonstrations.

Global Soundtracks

Programme of music bought to you by University of Sheffield Concerts, Koni Music and Arts on the Run

11:00 AM Arash Sabet - Iran/UK 

Distinctive Persian blues from Northern Iranian singer-guitarist

11:45 AM Avital Raz - Jerusalem/UK

Hebrew-Hindi singer-songwriter & RAFIKI JAZZ vocalist, features vocals, guitar, glockenspiel, tanpura drone

12:30 PM Kadialy Kouyate - Senegal/UK

Catch the brilliance of the kora (22 string African harp) & soulful vocals in West African griot-style. Another RAFIKI JAZZ star

1:15 PM Sarah Yaseen & Mina Salama - Kashmir/Egypt/UK

RAFIKI JAZZ Sufi soul sister meets Arabic oud & ney flute maestro

2:00 PM Hassan Salih Nour & Ebhrahim Disco - Sudan/UK

Sudanese singer, tanbura (lyre) & oud player joins with traditional percussionist

2:45 PM Haymanot Tesfa & Arian Sadr - Ethiopia-Iran/UK

Haunting Amharic vocals & traditional krar (6 string lyre) with Iranian percussion (daf, tombak)

3:30 PM Danto Aiyya & Hassan Nainia - Libya / Morocco

Desert blues from two great Tuareg musicians featuring vocals & electric guitars

Craft Activities brought to you by Ignite Imaginations

Make a maypole - using a variety of materials make your own mini maypole, celebrating the traditions of May Day.

Create your own headdress - make a fabulous animal headdress to parade and be proud of!

Mandela Makes - design and create a beautiful mandela on a coaster - celebrating creativity, unity and the universe.

Printing patterns - using styrofoam block printing, create traditional cultural patterns using linoprint techniques 

Demonstrations and Presentations-

11.00am -11.30am - Shuju Kitchen; How to make "Wonton", one of the most popular oriental style dumpling

11:40am – 12:10pm  - Lai Yin Association Chinese tea ceremony demonstration, Sample different tea leaves and understand the difference between Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies

12.20pm - 12.50pm  - Wise Choice Nutrition; Hannah will be making a traditional Iranian kebab dish which is simple yet delicious and a healthy take on the kebab.

1.00pm - 1.30pm -  Moor Market; come and taste FREE samples from our local stall holders.

1.40pm - 2.10pm  - Wise Choice Nutrition; Hannah will be making a traditional Iranian kebab dish which is simple yet delicious and a healthy take on the kebab.

2.20pm - 2.50pm - Shuju Kitchen Demonstration for vegan friendly oriental style "Chow Mein"(Fried Noodle).

3.00pm - 3.30pm - Japanese Playgroup & Study Club Sheffield - Japanese food culture, focusing on the concept of "seasons", through calligraphy, talk and tasting of typical (in Japan) but rare (in the UK) spring food.

Tastings from:

Zizzi the Light - You will get to try Pastas, Pizzas and MORE with an individually Italian twist


Gourmet Burger Kitchen - sample onion rings, milkshakes, skewers and burgers.


Nando's Sheffield - The Moor


Pizza Express

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