From 29th June 2020

Talking about my generation
Did you ever bop to the B-52s at their legendary Limit gig?
Find love at Romeo and Juliet’s? Danced all night long at Fiesta?
Jumped around at Josephine’s, boogied at Bailey’s or rocked out at Roxy?
Did you watch your first double bill at the Gaumont or the Anvil?
Can you remember when you first got goosebumps at the Crucible?

From dance floors, to theatres, cinemas, galleries and underground music venues, our city beats to a pulse of creativity, community and independent spirit.  It’s been a while since we’ve been able to meet up, so it’s high time to think back to the good times and amazing things we’ve witnessed here - and the magic that happens when we come together. Whether it was 50 years ago, or just before lockdown, at the city hall or at the summit of Kinder Scout, we want to know what’s made your heart soar, your toe tap or simply been a special moment across these 7 hills. 

Join us in taking part in a series of online workshops with Ignite Imaginations artists to make a map of Sheffield’s culture past and present and to make plans together of where we can go and what we can do when things get back to normal.

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