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Talking About Our Generation

Like most things in 2020 our SPARKS project, a campaign to open up the local arts and culture scene to those aged over 50, was subject to a series of cancellations as we stayed at home to protect each other. As the excitement of attending gigs, performances and festivals in real-life faded, the need to deliver these experiences to a whole generation of people across the city was needed more than ever.

SPARKS, an Ignite Imaginations project funded by Age Better Sheffield, is looking to support individuals, groups and communities across Sheffield to deliver creative and cultural activities.

Read on to learn more about SPARKS and how you can get involved. 




Laura has over 10 years experience in a variety of disciplines across arts, culture and communities—specialising in film, theatre and music. She believes strongly that everyone should have access to culture in the places that they live and is passionate about connecting people in shared, inspiring and memorable experiences that are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

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We’re looking for workshops, screenings, virtual gigs, pop-up events, letter writing… anything that’s exciting, engaging and can be delivered in a Covid secure way. The project aims to make people feel more rooted in their community, less lonely and less isolated.  Read more...

Reminiscing, don’t you just love it? Reminiscing about bygone years, digging deep into your memories, sometimes so far that you’re escorted back, and you can almost smell it. If you grew up in the 60s, 70s or 80s, we’re keen to hear your favourite memories and poignant stories about Sheffield-life.  Read more...

SPARKS: Talking About Our Generation

Talking About Our Generation is for anyone aged 50 and over who would like to get involved with art and culture in Sheffield, to meet people and discover new things. 

It will give you access to art and culture in Sheffield from screenings to performances, workshops with industry professionals, and other opportunities to learn more about how to make your own events.

We've teamed up with artists (visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musician, theatre-makers, composers and more) and people who make events to bring you the best of what’s happening in Sheffield from now until Spring 2021. 


'Talking About Our Generation' will culminate in an arts and culture festival programmed exclusively by those over 50. 

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To find out more or to sign up please email sparks@igniteimaginations.org.uk, you can also sign up for updates on our mailing lists by clicking here.

Talking About Our Generation is a Sparks project, delivered by Ignite Imaginations in partnership with Age Better in Sheffield.