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Vincent: My Creative Summer Story

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Vincent, aged 8 from Sheffield, ignited his imagination this summer by making leaf pictures and scary monster pots.

Vincent and his mum took part in our Summer of Creativity sessions which were commissioned by Sheffield Libraries and delivered online by Ignite Imaginations. 

Vincent said: "I liked collecting the leaves and flowers ready for the session. I made a few [pictures] to post to family. I used my own stickers and paints to decorate the frames."

"Monster pots were my favourite as I gave them silly names like Scary McNairy! I liked being able to use lots of random craft things like feathers, pipe cleaners, fuzzy paper and I liked cutting the different coloured paper for eyes and teeth."

Vincent, who admitted that he can be shy, enjoyed getting creative and showing his creations to the other people in the workshop. The sessions were designed to inspire children over the summer and beat the boredom. Delivered by professional artists from Ignite Imaginations, the workshops also included; Crazy Creature Creations, Monster Catching Whacky Inventions, a Treasure Hunt, Monster Pot Pitch, Story Stones and Spooky Creations. 

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