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Talking About Our Generation

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Reminiscing, don’t you just love it? Reminiscing about bygone years, digging deep into your memories, sometimes so far that you’re escorted back, and you can almost smell it.

Memories can not only be enjoyable, but they can also help counteract loneliness, boredom, and anxiety – something that we could all do with a helping of right now.

Whoever you speak to around our city, everyone has a story to tell. Sheffield’s fascinating history is encapsulated in our historic buildings, museums, archives, and galleries, and it also lives-on in each of us. Our very own exhibition of the steel city that is unique to every one of us.

That’s why we’re talking about our generation (see what we did there).

Curated and programmed by those over 50, ‘Talking About Our Generation’ will reach out to others, it’ll celebrate our past, it’ll help our communities feel more rooted and it’ll create a legacy of memoirs, photos, films and words for us all to enjoy.

So, what will you talk about?

If grew-up in the 60s, 70s or 80s, we’re keen to hear your favourite memories and poignant stories about Sheffield-life.

Do you remember the first time? Let us know about your first memories of Sheffield, maybe your first…

  • Gig/concert

  • Job

  • Shopping trip (maybe the hole in the road?)

  • Comedy gig

  • Fashion statement

  • Homecooked family meal

  • Place you lived

How to share your stories

Send them to us through Facebook Messenger

We’re collecting stories from now up until our showcase virtual event in Spring 2021 – by sharing your stories, pictures and videos you consent to Ignite Imaginations publishing them online and on social media.


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