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CEO Celebrates 14 years at the helm!

Here's a #WowWednesday moment from our CEO, Luisa Golob:

"This week I have been running the organisation for 14 years!

I started on a 2-month contract with only £2000 in bank. Had it not been for an Arts Council application written before I started we would have closed the organisation that month! We had 3 part-time staff, delivered in Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe only, running 10-20 workshops with 3-4 artists a year. Oh and we were called Art in the Park!

Now we have a pool of 30 artists, 5 part-time staff and work with around 4000 people a year. This summer alone we are delivering over 60 workshops for children and their families!

We work across the city with the communities that need us the most and I reckon we are igniting quite a few more imaginations!"


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