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Autumn Carnival returns to the streets of Sharrow

This bonfire night, the community of Sharrow were once again reunited with the flagship autumn event ‘Autumn Carnival’, hosted by Ignite Imaginations in collaboration with Sharrow Community Forum and Highfield Adventure Playground, which returned with a bang boasting its biggest attendance to date.

The award-winning project, which has been praised for its positive impact on reducing anti-social behaviour in the area, is an annual event. Last year, sadly was unable to go ahead in person because of lockdown restrictions however the team responded by distributing creativity packs within the local area.

The Autumn Carnival event has seen artist-led community workshops in the area in the lead up to the event, including at Sharrow Community Forum, Highfield Adventure Playground, ISRAAC, Sharrow Primary School, Lowfield Primary School and Nether Edge Primary School. Our artists, Sian and Alastair worked within their community groups to create lanterns, taking inspiration from the joy of autumn. In addition, our artists Lois, Charlie, Sara, Alex and Angie created giant lanterns including a squirrel and acorn, an owl and a gorgeous mouse on a toadstool. We then welcomed over 500 people to the ‘Autumn Carnival’ event, featuring a lantern parade, samba band, a PA system on a bike, fire spinners and food.

Alongside the workshops, Ignite Imaginations made 150 creativity packs, contents of which was carefully curated by our artist, Charlie and included resources to create and enjoy an acorn lantern at home, which were delivered by Sharrow Community Forum to families in the local community.

Ignite Imaginations CEO, Luisa Golob said “We’re thrilled to bring this fabulous event back to the community of Sharrow, to bring together the community and artists to collaborate on the lanterns before bringing the community together for a positive celebration of Autumn has been all the more magical this year. A highlight in our calendar, the Autumn Carnival embraces everything that Ignite Imaginations stands for in celebrating and connecting communities through art and creativity.”

With a huge thank you to everyone involved, to our partners Sharrow Community Forum, Highfield Adventure Playground, the community groups we worked with, the performers and a special thanks to South Yorkshire Police for supporting the event. We hope our friends at Parkwood Springs and Darnall also had a wonderful lantern carnival. We’re looking forward to planning next years’ event!


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