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We have been working on a Big Lottery funded project with South Yorkshire Housing Association called ‘Age Better’ for just over a year now. Our particular strand of the project is called ‘Start Up’. We have been working with several beneficiaries over the age of 50 to help them ‘Start Up’ activities or projects in their local area. We have seen projects ‘Start Up’ such as a Dementia Cafe in Broomhall, a Martial Arts group and a History Group in Mosbrough, all of which are now up and running and are going very well, you can read about them here.

One of our most recent beneficiaries in Burngreave decided he wanted to arrange an outing for gentlemen he knows through the Yemeni community in the area. He arranged a trip to The Deep in Hull and it was a huge success. Participants really enjoyed getting away from their local area for an outing. Many of them had never seen large sea creatures before such as sharks. As well as going into The Deep they also enjoyed walking by the sea, and sharing memories with each other as they walked along the beach. The visit gave them the opportunity to reflect on where they had come from in Yemen over 30 years ago; some from inland villages and others from by the sea near Aidan.

“we just realized a new place that we’d never found before since living in the UK for 30 years.’

Our beneficiary is planning on arranging a second trip within the next couple of months. It has been great supporting him to set up this activity and we wish him lots of luck with the next trip.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved in Start Up got to our opportunities page.

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