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A Couple of months ago we were approached by Meadowhall and told that they wanted to design and dedicate one of 12 giant hearts to us for their 25th birthday celebrations. The heart was designed and painted by artist Rachel Blackwell and was unveiled on the 4th September. The heart is inspired by our vision that Sheffield can be filled with vibrant and creative communities, the scenes on the heart represent the variety of events and projects that we deliver. The detailed illustrations show a range of different ages and abilities reflecting our belief that everyone can be an artist.

Our heart can be found on the top floor outside Cath Kidson untill the end of October. Make sure you pop by and have your photo taken with the heart and make sure you tweet it to us @ignite_sheff #IHeartIgnite

You can read more about Meadowhall’s 25th birthday and the idea behind the hearts here.

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