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Sharing Our Lives

With partnerships over several years across Sheffield, Sharing Our Lives has seen Ignite Imaginations bringing arts and creativity to a range of sheltered housing settings.


In 2019, Sheffield Housing and Ignite Imaginations brought Sharing Our Lives to Stannington as an intergenerational project, in which Year 5 pupils from Shooters Grove school were paired with residents at Roscoe Court Sheltered housing scheme.


After corresponding with one another by letter, the children visited Roscoe Court to meet up with the residents. The children and residents continued to meet up each month during 2019, participating in activities including gardening, dance and crafts.


The project aims to help reduce loneliness and isolation, and strengthen the relationship between generations. The results were incredibly positive, and inspired the development of

Ignite’s Adopt A Care Home project working with primary schools and older people with dementia.

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