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Art and Science
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The Reconnect Art and Science project funded by BIS took the form of seven artists and University of Sheffield scientist collaborations. These collaborations gave rise to seven high quality art exhibits in the form of sculptures, interactive installations and photographic and sound installations that were exhibited along with easy to access scientific research interpretation panels on How the Body Works. Over 9 days touring three Sheffield community settings: conference centre attached to a primary school in Shiregreen; office and enterprise centre in Parson’s Cross and a sheltered housing scheme in Jordanthorpe. During the 9 day tour there was a daily programme of workshops and talks presented by University of Sheffield Science researchers.

Participants feedback;

65% said their scientific knowledge had increased.

52% feel they better understand the importance

of science in our every existence.

“It was great to see other ideas and how people use their creativity.”

“As a presenter / demonstrator I have gained valuable experience of explaining science to the public.”

“This was a vivid way of presenting scientific research.”

“Felt immersed in each exhibition space- connected to a stillness and yet part of something.”

Community Challenge Grant Funded, British Institute of Science

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