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Eight of our artists worked with eight University of Sheffield academics whose research focusses on how the body works. From DNA to dementia, our artists interpreted the research to create art installations and sculptures. These artworks, along with an exhibition about the scientific research, toured three communities in Sheffield (Shiregreen, Jordanthorpe and Parson Cross) for 9 days. Over 300 people from the community and local schools came along to see the exhibitions, learn about the science behind the art and get involved in talks and workshops. We aimed to bring science closer to local residents by offering an accessible in road through art. The project ended in a Science and Art Seminar at the University of Sheffield with over 50 attendees from the creative and academic sectors.

  • 65% said their scientific knowledge had increased and 52% feel they better understand the importance of science in our every existence

  • “As a presenter / demonstrator I have gained valuable experience of explaining science to the public.”

  • “This was a vivid way of presenting scientific research.”

  •  “Interesting no matter what level of knowledge on the subject you have.”

  • “Felt immersed in each exhibition space- connected to a stillness and yet part of something.”


Business, Innovation and Skills funded

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