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Cultural Ambassadors

"Personally, cultural ambassadors has helped me to massively improve my confidence and become comfortable when speaking to people I have never met before. I am also now confident enough to stand up and talk in front of an audience whereas before I wouldn’t have been. Overall I would say that I now feel more responsible, confident, comfortable and outgoing thanks to the cultural ambassadors programme.”
- Past Y10 ambassador

With 17 creative partners, 4 schools and 39 ambassadors this programme gave young people a real insight into the career opportunities in the creative sector, built their creative and interpersonal skills and connected them to the world of work. 


Ambassadors gained their Bronze Arts Award as part of the programme (Level 1 award on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)) and visited local creative organisations across the county. From Site Gallery to Higher Rhythm, the creative sector was well represented and explored in this programme with overall facilitator Ignite Imaginations.

Ambassadors have enjoyed a rich and diverse range of experience including:

  • Curating part of a museum for the day

  • Visiting one of Sheffield’s iconic theatres for a behind-the-scenes insight into the workings of the theatre world and taking on the promotional challenge of how to engage more young people with theatre

  • Team building with Third Angel

  • Using art, craft and entertainment to engage with the elderly in a local residential home.


"Being an ambassador has helped me gain new skills and insight into what my future could be. Cultural Ambassadors has helped me to gain a new edge; which could and hopefully will make me more employable and likely to get into a good college.”

“My work experience …. has helped me decide what it is I want to do after leaving school. I want to go into graphic design or even marketing. And all I can now say is thank you…”

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