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Live Music, Live Art: Interactive music performances and workshops

Part of Music in the Round's Sheffield Chamber Music Festival 2018

Wednesday 16th May 11AM - 5PM
Sheffield Winter Garden.

New musical performances begin on the hour, every hour accompanied by creative workshops with Ignite Imaginations, so you can release your inner creativity by painting, writing and moving in response to the music.

Ignite Imaginations and Music in the Round bring you an opportunity to take part in an interactive music performance with painting, poetry and dance as part of the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival.

Every hour in the Winter Garden a new piece of music will begin, performed by Sheffield musicians and Ensemble 360. People are invited to respond to the music at three creative stations.

People can add to a collective poem throughout the day with Sheffield poet Gevi Carver, creating ‘word clouds’ depicting the landscape, weather and emotional responses that the music evokes.

Artist Jordanna Farrimond will lead people in creating abstract paintings in response to the music, using techniques inspired by the artist Kandinsky, who ‘saw’ music as colours. The emphasis will be on absorbing and responding to the music in a playful way.

Dancer and choreographer Haley Graham will be encouraging people to allow their bodies to respond to the music in a free and uninhibited way, thinking about how the tempo and mood of the music affect the way they move and hold themselves.

There will be six pieces of music in total, a new piece starting each hour, at 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and the final one at 4pm. All ages are welcome, and the event is totally free.

School groups, community organisations and visitors can all contribute to joint artworks, that will evolve through the day.

Just turn up; or for groups please book via or on 0114 268 6813.

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