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Agata - I'm Afraid of Spiders

Having recently moved to Sheffield, Agata was faced with pandemic, in a City that was new to her, looking for opportunities to develop her creative network Agata came across the We Are All Makers initiative.

Working with the kind and generous support, time, guidance and resources of Rupert and the team at APG Works, Agata has successfully screen printed a full exhibition, which is now on display to the public at the studio. 

"I moved to Sheffield in the middle of the pandemic. I found that there was a lack of
opportunities to network and meet like-minded people from the industry. This left me
feeling lost, disconnected and experiencing a lack of funds, it was whilst looking for
opportunities I stumbled upon the We Are All Makers programme. Through the programme, I’ve met new people and industry professionals. I’ve been also struggling to get over an artist block’ before but thanks to the course and the support I’ve found more motivation to work on the project. In the future I hope to continue growing within the new community and develop more illustrations and projects. Through the course, my biggest achievement has been working with APG Works Sheffield on developing my original illustrations.  Next steps for me include gaining real-life practical experience as a paid workshop assistant at Ignite Imaginations workshops."

With special thanks to Rupert and APG Works

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