Live Music, Live Art

We have an exciting opportunity for groups and schools to get involved in a forthcoming event that we're running in conjunction with Music in the Round.and their festival fo Chamber Music

This unique live event involves six performances from Sheffield musicians and Ensemble 360 and takes place on Wednesday 16th May between 11am and 5pm in the Winter Garden, Sheffield. Every hour a new musical performance will invite you to respond to what you hear by painting, writing or moving. Artists from Ignite Imaginations will be on hand to help you express how the music influences you through a variety of different mediums. The day will see members of the public and invited schools, groups and community organisations all contributing to joint artworks that celebrate music in our city.

If your group would like to take part, please book by contacting or phone 0114 2686813 stating which hour you would like to be involved. This activity is FREE for all who take part.

We currently have 3 slots available:





Migration Matters

We have an exciting opportunity for your group  to take part in free creative sessions as part of Migration Matters Festival. 

We are offering 5 hours of activity (two or three workshops) per group, which will explore the theme of migration and connection. Preferably to groups in Parson Cross and Darnall but not exclusively to.

Migration Matters is a festival in its third year, that explores and celebrates diversity in Sheffield. We will be working with groups based in in Sheffield with the aim of bringing people together and connecting in a positive way. We would like to work with people of all ages and backgrounds to build relationships, develop knowledge and understanding of one another and celebrate our rich diversity. Our facilitators will introduce questions to the groups such as What Makes Me, Me? Where Am I From? What Is Beauty?

Using creative techniques such as writing, photography, performance and visual arts we aim to highlight our similarities and celebrate our differences. The work produced will be exhibited.

If you/your group/school are interested in taking part, please email to arrange dates for us to run workshops.

Sessions will be allocated on a first come first serve basis so please get in touch as soon as possible.

We are also running two community celebration events at Darnall Library and Parson Cross Library on Saturday 16th June. We are looking for local performers, musicians, dancers, food providers and artists to help us celebrate the local community; this will be a launch for the festival as a whole. Please get in touch with if you or a group you are involved in is interested. (There is some budget for this event so we can cover travel and expenses for anyone involved.)