Ignite Imaginations is working with Sheffield Health and Social

Care NHS FT to explore what it is to feel connected

This summer, we’re working with 30 adults accessing mental health services, in Sheffield. Ignite Imaginations are delivering a series of workshops to explore what it is to feel connected; how we seek, keep and feel a lack of connection. The artist-led sessions will offer creative freedom to explore, learn new skills and be inspired. We aim to provide skills and techniques that can also be continued at home. The creations from the workshops will be used as inspiration for two final large artworks to be displayed at the entrance of two sites used for therapeutic delivery.

Workshops will take place in person over the summer months with the final artwork expected to be completed in September.

Artist: Alastair

Partner: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS FT

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust CMYK BLUE.png

"I have so much respect for Ignite Imaginations. They keep art alive and kicking in the communities in our city of Sheffield. I always feel they treat their amazing artists with respect, personally and financially. Feel so lucky to work with them from time to time." Kate, Ignite Imaginations Artist