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What is the opportunity?

We are looking for up to five workshop facilitators with visual arts experience to deliver on our “Circle of Life” Project between January and May 2023. We are working in collaboration with Compassionate Sheffield (HOME | Compsheff;  Compassionate Sheffield is working with communities in the city to make Sheffield a more compassionate city.


We have developed this project to explore how communities in Sheffield mark and celebrate death and dying through different symbols, rituals and ceremony. We aim to work with the 5 largest populations (after White British) in Sheffield and the community groups (adults) will create collaborative artworks representing how they each approach death and dying. We understand that within each population there are many communities, members, differences and similarities. So our main aim is to explore, learn and celebrate.

The artworks will be exhibited, alongside talks from community group leaders during Dying Matters awareness week in May 2023 Dying Matters Awareness Week | Hospice UK.


We aim to identify and share rituals of death and dying using artistic approaches in order to represent the power and value of our unique approaches as well as our common experiences.


We will cover mileage at £0.45p/mile, bike travel at £0.20p/mile or public transport costs for any delivery that takes place further than 2 miles from your home. This will be capped £8.80

Can I really apply for this role?

Many people out there are leading groups, supporting others and encouraging people to express themselves, but don’t realise what they are doing is actually creative facilitation!
•    Do you support people to learn new skills? You might be a teacher, scout leader, care home activities coordinator for example. 
•    Do you run an after school club, volunteered in a library or community centre and supported people to us their imagination?


Many people out there are artists, they are creative and have the skills to support others to be creative too (with some support from us they can lead a workshop as well). You don’t have to sell art to be an artist:

•    Do you paint in your spare time or get creative with your family? 
•    Did you excel with art at school or took up a creative course in your adult life?
•    Do you craft all your presents to family and friends?


We appreciate that gaining experience facilitating workshops can be difficult, as well as taking the plunge to be self-employed or even saying you are an artist. Our artists are self employed and we know it can also be hard to take the first steps to achieve this.  We welcome applications from individuals no matter what stage of your career- we can offer a personalised support journey including mentoring from Ignite staff and artists and paid additional training. We can also guide and support those yet to become self-employed. 


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How do I apply?

Complete your application in the following ways:
•    Via text (email, whats app on a phone for example)- no more than 1 x a4 
•    Via video- (zoom recording for example) - no more than 5 minutes
•    Via audio (whats app voice note, zoom recording for example)- no more than 5 minutes

You'll need to send:

  • Application: tell us how your skills and experience match each point in the “ What experience or skills are Ignite Imaginations looking for?” section.


  • Up to 3 photos of your own work or work you have supported others to create; this will give us a sense of your creative skills and/or way you work with others.

Send completed applications to us by emailing or whats app 07391 544278

Key dates:

Key dates:

  • Wednesday 30th November 2pm OR Tuesday 6th December 5pm; Online Information sessions; come and speak to us and hear more about the opportunity. To register an interest email or phone (0114) 2686813 stating your preferred date and we will send further details.

  • Wednesday 4th January: Deadline for applications. Please send required information to or if by whats app text 07391 544278

  • Monday 9th January: Shortlisted Applicants informed.

  • Tuesday 17th January: Interview day

  • Wednesday 25th January 2-4.30pm: Compulsory paid facilitation training


If you are unable to attend the interview date and compulsory training please let us know and we can make alternative plans.

Selection Process:

We will consider all applications sent to us (no matter what format you choose) and will invite those we feel best matched to our criteria to an interview. This will be in person in an accessible venue in Sheffield. Support is offered to help you feel fully prepared and all activities and questions will be issued before the interview itself.

Who are Ignite Imaginations?

Ignite Imaginations is a community arts charity based in Sheffield. We want to ignite imaginations and create connections. We believe in taking people on a journey to unlock their imaginations through working with professional artists, using quality materials and experiencing innovative creative activities. We work across the city with people of all ages and backgrounds where creativity is needed the most. See  or our recent promotional film.

For more information or for an informal discussion about your application or any support you may need please email or phone (0114) 2686813.

What will I do?

Workshop facilitators will provide high quality creative activities across 4 sessions (8 hours in total) for each community group. You could work with more than one group but we expect a minimum of the full 4 sessions with at least one group (dates and times will be confirmed with the community group and artists’ availability in mind.)

What will I get paid?

•    Delivery Rates: Minimum of £90 and maximum of £119 for a 2-hour session; this includes planning time and set up/take down. The fee will be based on the experience of the successful facilitator and reflect any support we can put in place to ensure confident delivery. 
•    This will be a minimum of £360-£476 working with one group for the full 4 sessions. 
•    £200 materials per group
•    There will be four x 2-hour workshops per community group 
•    There will be up to 15 participants per group attending each of the 4 sessions.
•    A workshop facilitator may work with more than one community group. 

What support do I get?

You will receive a paid full induction and training package (including paid facilitation and safeguarding training) specifically designed for working with Ignite Imaginations.

Each artist will also receive bereavement training and will be supported in the workshops by Compassionate Sheffield’s Death Doula Death midwife - Wikipedia

What experience or skills are Ignite Imaginations looking for:

  • Based in Sheffield and/ or surrounding areas with willingness to travel and an understanding and experience of the city.

  • Some experience working with adults in creative group settings (this could be voluntary, as part of placement or a work related for example)

  • Have creative skills or personal practice in visual arts (for example painting, drawing, ceramics, creative writing, puppetry, photography, sculpture, textiles, fused glass, woodwork, illustration, printing, poetry, murals, 3D mixed media.) You do not have to have sold work or produce your own work but have the skills, imagination and creativity to be able to enable others within a workshop to produce something that is quality and that makes them feel proud.  

  • Lived experience or some experience (working roles or volunteering for example) with one or more of the communities we aim to work with on the project or other underrepresented groups. 

  • Ability and willingness to learn and develop as an Ignite Imaginations facilitator.

  • Good planning and time keeping skills.

What do I need to send?

  • Application: tell us how your skills and experience match each point in the “ What experience or skills are Ignite Imaginations looking for?” section.


  • Up to 3 photos of your own work or work you have supported others to create; this will give us a sense of your creative skills and/or way you work with others.


If you’re comfortable to do so please contact us and we can make sure you are fully supported to make an application; from large print, or audio recordings, to travel expenses covered for the interview stage. We are committed to investing in our people, creating safe spaces for everyone and finding creative ways to ensure that everyone feels welcome and can be included in what we do. Please contact us for further support or to talk through any of the above.

Future Work:

If the relationship is successful between the new workshop facilitators and our organisation we may invite you to be part of our artists pool; this is an opportunity to receive regular work opportunities, paid training and networking.  We currently have a pool of 30 artists - see here for more details Meet the artists (



Workshop Facilitators wanted with visual arts experience

Are you a creative person that feels confident in your skills to lead a group but you don’t describe yourself as an artist? Or do you feel confident in your creative skills but not got much experience in a workshop setting?


Whatever stage you are at in your career and whether you see yourself as an artist or facilitator (or neither yet) we can support you to develop your skills and experiences. Please keep reading or get in touch to see if this opportunity is for you.


Through this recruitment Ignite Imaginations are particularly keen to reach out to facilitators not represented on our current Artists Pool Meet the artists (, We currently work with around 40 partners and 2000 people per year across a number of communities but we are striving for those communities to be represented within our artist pool.


Our Circle of Life project also offers the opportunity to work with current partners and make new connections by us seeking to deliver workshops with (but not exclusive to) individuals from Caribbean, Indian, Somali, Yemeni and Pakistani communities (five largest populations living in Sheffield, other than White British).


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Can I really apply for this role?
How do I apply?
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