New creative project to encourage service men to share memories


Ignite Imaginations are delighted to announce that we have been successful in receiving funding from The Royal British Legion to run an intergenerational project using creativity to share service men’s unheard stories.


Starting in the New Year the project will work with groups of ex and current service men, their children and families to explore and share their memories creatively with each other. 


Luisa Golob, Chief Executive of Ignite Imaginations explains how she was inspired by Grayson Perry’s All Man programme on Channel Four, “I felt there was a real need to have more projects that use creativity to support men, their families and friends to talk and share more.”


“We all have a story to tell, a moment in time that stands still for us.  These moments are, unfortunately often not captured or heard, and this is especially the case for older people and men within our culture.”


“As an organisation we use creativity to help communities explore social issues or topics.  I believe it is our responsibility to support those we work with to feel able to speak up, share ideas, debate and showcase their thoughts and views through artistic outputs.”


The project aims to help men articulate their feelings and increase the understanding of how events impact us.  There will also be a particular focus on getting the stories out to the wider public to raise awareness of the experience, camaraderie and sense of “once in the Armed Forces always in the Armed Forces” that civilians may not be able to relate to.


Ignite are looking for individuals and groups of older ex-service men, current service men and schools to join the project.  If you are interested in getting involved please contact Ignite Imaginations on 0114 268 6813 or email